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art <3 entre lujos y dinero me robaba el frió entre cámaras y fama me sentía basio y cuando todo mi mundo se ahogaba en lo hondo llegaste tu justo antes de ...
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20 stunning sketches that made their author world famous. 20 stunning sketches that made their author world famous Heartstrings, Tumblr Art Drawings ...
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... è un'ottima cartina di tornasole: fa sparire l'oggetto del ricordo e mette in primo piano il ricordante, ribaltando i piani. ” (da Morti di fama)
idolaelyartist: “Las Escaleras De La Fama Parte 3 dentro de poco. ; )
My Art Circus
P I N T E R E S T : @pollnow2002 Planet Sketch, Planet Drawing, Art Inspo, Art Drawings,
Some art I did last year whilst struggling with the wait for top surgery
De alguna forma esta foto se convirtió en algo así como la más popular de mi Tumblr, gracias Ghost In The Shell por darme mis 15 min de fama jajaja
Character Design Quarterly
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Drawing and Painting from Life Figure Drawing Tuesday, August 21st, 6-9pm. City Lights Gallery. DESCRIPTION. Drawing and painting ...
A Plenitude of Nudes: Drawn to Michelangelo's Musclemen at the Met | CultureGrrl
Working Practice Marged
A long-fingered manicule on a manuscript from 1481.
Richard Prince, Untitled (hippie drawing, Allen Ginsberg), 2000–05.
Defamation Claims Against and By Public Safety Personnel (Part 1)
CC on Twitter: "We had the best life drawing model at CN today! Maid costume with cat ears 😻#CartoonNetwork https://t.co/lXGwZDxUbT"
Resurrection, Tammie La Mountain
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[Buddha's Footprint. Hand drawn frontispiece to Indian Journals by Allen Ginsberg]
Day 22 of #inktober #inktober2018 #expensive #illustration #ink #art #
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... Tumblr: https://elitandark.tumblr.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/elitandark/ Pixiv: https://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=20409897 …
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Bloke (nude) by Alasdair Gray
143KiB, 600x836, grimgor_iz_da_best_____by_rrjones-d9ic507.jpg
SKETCH 0.1. Tania Magni
Sebastiano del Piombo, “Study for God the Father,” Royal Collection, Queen Elizabeth II
Joanne Isaac, Old City Coffee
... The New Republic, Poetry, ...
SHY ...
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What the heck did I draw in 2016😂 I start learn to draw at my
Foto: Maia/Steyaert
Arbetta also has some stuff on her tumblr that hasn't been posted to dA, so here's some of that. Under a cut so the post doesn't get too long.
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Sadnnabar Hosting a small request opening on my tumblr to find ideas for my commissions sample this weekend! Link in Bio.
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1 of 3 pictures to decoration for notebook. Nobita, Doraemon and Shizuka: Doraemon
Andrea del Sarto (1530), drawing of two men hanging upside down (Devonshire
Detail of lower left corner of the print by Bolswert
AskEzorra-Skraif 0 0 16 by AskEzorra-Skraif
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The case of Flash Crash Trader
Sketch for 'Alquimia' PH: Catalina Romero
... For a related post, click here http://christiannightmares.tumblr .com/post/121274457301/creepy-gory-and-gruesome-demonic-illustrations)
Fludd was a deeply convinced adherent of the medical and magical practice of the German doctor, surgeon and radical theologian, Theophrastus Paracelsus von ...
February 9, 2016 ...
Llif Flow Set up and the Team 63 of 137_zpsno7gs4yb
Arakawa and Madeline Gins, Drawing for 'Container of Perceiving,' 1984. Acrylic
Pompeo Batoni
Lines of Thought: Drawing from Michelangelo to Now
A r t & P o e t r y
Flori Fama schedules improvement with her adorable animal pun calendar – Ballpitmag
3 / 3 Sketches (Ship: Tony and Juniper) by TonyxMarshall2
In its April 1952 issue, Pirelli magazine published an article on “Lombard houses”: a reflection on the vernacular architecture that dotted the Po Valley ...
Ugly Duckling Presse
WW1 Centenary
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Kumura Musician by Markus Oehlen
Karlovo Tes 2017 Bulgaria
Chris Nosenzo in Issue #072
Tag Along on a Tour: Gifford's Leander's Tower on the Bosporus
... and philosophers, on topics ...
David Sylvester's sketch of Paul Klee's Harmonised Combat 1937
🌵l_____________________ #artlovers #loveart #art #
Crazy Faith
Francesco Fontebasso
I couldn't draw any better than I could sew or ride, but I liked to think about Misty Belle when I was awake at three a.m.
LUV AJ Fiora Chain Bra - Silver Jewelry | Silver| Luv Aj Fiora Chain Bra ...
People in love by Alasdair Gray