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This is a painting of Octavius Augustus the 1st Roman Emperor I
This is a painting of Octavius Augustus, the 1st Roman Emperor. I chose this painting because Augustus use… | William Becker's Foundation of Rome Board in ...
Portraits of Augustus show the emperor with idealized features
Bust of a Boy from the Family of the Emperor Octavian Augustus
Emperor Octavian Augustus (27 BC - 14 AD), founder of the Roman Empire
Bust of Augustus in Musei Capitolini, Rome
Octavian as a magistrate. The statue's marble head was made c. 30–20 BC, the body sculpted in the 2nd century AD (Louvre, Paris).
Octavian Augustus Caesar 63 BC – 19 August 14 AD - Octavian, reformed the Republic
Augustus as Pontifex Maximus (Detail)
Bust of Tiberius, a successful military commander under Augustus before he was designated as his heir and successor
The Age of Augustus, the Birth of Christ, by Jean-Léon Gérôme, c.1852 / Getty Images, Creative Commons
Star Wars and history: Augustus, first Roman emperor -- Palpatine's counterpart
Statue of the Emperor Octavian Augustus Rome First quarter of the 1st century
Gaius Octavius, known as Augustus, died in Rome. He was the first Roman emperor and reigned for 41 years.
Head of Augustus as Pontifex Maximus, Roman artwork of the late Augustan period, last decade of the 1st century BC
Augustus | 10 Facts About The First Roman Emperor
Augustus ...
Octavian-Caesar Augustus.
In 53 BCE, Crassus had suffered a humiliating defeat to the Parthians with the Roman ...
Augustus Caesar - Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus (63 BC-14 AD), first
Augustus Roman Emperor
Illustration of Augustus Caesar. "
Marble portrait of the emperor Augustus
Augustus as Jove, holding a scepter and orb (first half of 1st century AD)
Augustus (63 BC-14 AD), 1st Emperor of Roman Empire. Drawing by Francisco Fonollosa, late 20th century. Watercolour painting.
Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus ; Augustus Caesar) 63 b.c.–a.d. 14, first Roman emperor 27 b.c.–a.d. 14: reformer, patron of arts and literature; ...
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Caesar Augustus
Born Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus (now commonly referred to simply as Octavian) he became the first in a long line of superpowers in Rome.
the image of the Prima porta Augustus
The central group on the cuirass shows the return by the Parthians of the standards that had been lost in the humiliating defeat of Crassus in 53 B.C. ...
A statue of Augustus
Gaius Octavius of Rome | Portrait of Gaius Octavius, father of the first Roman emperor Augustus .
Augustus Caesar (born Gaius Octavius) was the first Emperor of Rome, who assumed
statue of Octavian, Augustus, first Roman emperor
Augustus (Caius Iulius Caesar Octavianus). First Roman Emperor, 63BC-14AD
[Octavius Augustus, 63 B.C.E. to A.D. 14; Emperor B.C.E. 31 to A.D. 14]
Bust of the Emperor Octavian Augustus. 14cm
The Republic was never designed to support a "dictator for life", so no formal process to replace him was ever created. However, Caesar already had someone ...
Bronze statue of Roman emperor Octavian (Octavianus) Augustus - Stock Image
Marble portrait of Augustus, c.40 BC
Rome, Italy. Bronze statue of Roman emperor Octavian Augustus - Stock Image
4 Augustus ...
Augustus Caesar - Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus (63 BC-14 AD), first
Augustus, The First Emperor Of Rome facts
Augustus as Ruler of Rome
August 19th, 2014, marks 2,000 years since the death of the emperor Augustus, the founder of the Roman Empire. His real name was Gaius Octavian and he was ...
Augustus Caesar - Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus (63 BC-14 A), First
Bust of Emperor Augustus (''Prima Porta'' type) - The Collection - Museo Nacional del Prado
Agrippa, Marcus Vipsanius
Emperor Augustus
Octavia Minor: Sister of Augustus, wife of Mark Antony, and great-grandmother of Caligula
19 Emperor Augustus ...
Octavian Augustus, statue in Via dei Fori Imperiali in Rome
Octavian iPhone 6 Case - D. Octavius Augustus Emperor Of Rome 27 by Titian
Medieval Manuscripts on Twitter: "#OTD Octavian became Augustus, 1st #Roman emperor. Depicted in many #manuscripts (incl Harley 4374, Add 18850, ...
Statue of the Emperor Octavian Augustus as Jupiter, 1st quarter of the first century CE
The Death of Julius Caesar
GAIUS JULIUS CAESAR AUGUSTUS (originally Gaius Octavius, also known as Octavianus) First Roman
... Augustus sacrificing, busts of Augustus and family members; Antony and Cleopatra on a coin (more pics still here including Livia, Caesar, Vergil etc.; ...
Maecenas Presenting the Liberal Arts to Emperor Augustus
Augustus Caesar Octavian: What's in a Name for Rome's First Emperor?
Bronze statue of Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar, or Octavian, Rome's first emperor, close
Augustus Caesar - Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus (63 BC-14 AD), first
Octavia sister of Emperor Augustus, Getty Villa
Emperor Augustus Caesar
Augustus with his head covered, as the religious leader of Rome, the Pontifex Maximus
Octavius Augustus Canvas Print by Jose Flores
Roman civilization 1st century AD Marble statue of Livia wife of emperor Octavian Augustus Detail
... first emperor of the Roman Empire; 5. Octavian's uncle ...
Behind Ancient Gates: Revealing the Secrets of the Mausoleum of Augustus
Marble Bust of Emperor Augustus This sympathetic ...
The murder of Julius Caesar on the Ides of March in 44 B.C. was just one of the many events that led to the beginning of Octavian's reign and the Roman ...
Augustus, Roman Imperial Period, 1st ...
3 Octavian  Julius Caesar's adopted son Octavian ruled as Rome's first emperor Augustus  Was given the name Augustus which means the revered or exalted ...
Octavianus Canvas Print - Augustus Prima Porta. Vatican Museums by Bridgeman Images
Emperor Augustus Canvas Print - Italy, Lazio, Rome, Quirinal Palace by Everett
Bronze statue of Roman Emperor Augustus Caesar, or Octavian, Rome's first emperor, close
27 BC, Augustus Caesar (Octavian) founded the Roman Empire that would last until A.D. 476. Octavian was granted the title 'Augustus', meaning lofty or ...
Imperial Rome: The Age of Augustus ...
Relief showing apotheosis of the Roman Emperor Octavian Augustus Ravenna Museum - Stock Image
Augustus Caesar first Roman Emperor Marble statue of Gaius Julius Caesar Octavianus who became one of
Augustus as Pontifex Maximus.
The Emperor Augustus Rebuking Cornelius Cinna for His ... Octavius ...
Tiberius. Tiberius was an ancient Roman emperor ...