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SHINee Birthday Game Key loves me because he loves me hm
SHINee Birthday Game. Key loves me because he loves me. ...hm ... Okay! ^(>_ <)^
Jonghyun kissed me because he couldn't resist me! Hey what can I say, I'm irresistible!
BTOB Birthday Game I got: Ilhoon (whoop whoop!!) cooked a meal for me because I love him.
B1A4 Birthday game | kpop scenarios Menú, El Me Ama, Juegos De Cumpleaños,
Yonghwa held hands with me because he wants to marry me :)!
Boyfriend Birthday game | kpop scenarios Youngmin fell in love with me because I'm loyal!
SHINee Birthday Game. Key loves me because he loves me. ...hm
VIXX birthday game Ken kissed me because he thinks I'm pretty
BAP b~day game I married Zelo cause we love each other
SEVENTEEN birthday game // OML Mingyu rapped for me because he wants to date me <3
... because he hates me. EXO birthday game!! I had kids with Chen cause I was high?? Hahaha
Shinee Birthday Game / Onew (my bias!) Tickled Me Because We Are Meant To Be
SHINee Birthday Scenario Game by Star- Key ignored me because I'm awesome
U-KISS Kevin wants to be the father of my children because he loves me the way I am and because im smart:)
Although it's been a busy year, I am happy because I was able to challenge many things! As I hope to continue being healthy for next year, ...
TRACKLIST : 1-니가 맘에 들어 (Talk To You) 2- 줄리엣 (Juliette) 3- 차라리 때려 (Hit Me) 4- 세뇨리따 (Senorita) 5- 잠꼬대 (Please, Don't Go)
hello. this is sm entertainment. to the fans who love jonghyun and jonghyun's music, we're conveying the news of his album release. last year, together with ...
Love our TaeMin 💎💟💎💟💎💟💎💟💎💟💎💟💎💟💎💟💟💘 You're the King Of Kpop and I'm not tired to say it.😙 To the rest of SHINee members, you are the ...
SHINee One Shots
It's indeed a profound year, isn't it? Everyone, healthiness is the most important! Please take care of your health~ Merry Christmas~. From: Key
SHINee is the most successful and the most down to earth type of Kpop Boyband. They don't respond to stupid controversy and they hope their fans also not to ...
But this time, the portraits of the ordinary staff aren't included. Hey, what's this? It's the spot where goods are designed.
Translation: @lyusul_
Abnormal Love |Lee Taemin| SHINee|
Don't think I don't know what happened to SHINee and Shawol Japan on 15th July 2017. Hm.. SMTown.. It is not seems fair for the Shawol who filled the whole ...
Iam happy they doing well Saranghae SHINee 😘😘😘😘💋💋 SHINee fighting💪
As soon as I got home on that day, I quickly went to my room with my head down since I was teary-eyed. Onew and Key ...
You went to the 20th Anniversary party. Tell us about the party that we couldn't even go to.
Nickname(s) : Dobu (TOFU) Onew ( because he's as soft as Tofu ), Leader Onew Birthday : December 14, 1989 International Age: 22, ...
Jonghyun's love life
SHINee JP/CH → EN translation ♡
Jonghyun had released solo music as well as staying with the band for almost a decade
The manufactured K-pop boyband SHINee, who Kim was lead singer for (Image: REX/Shutterstock)
#happybirthdaytaemin #happytaeminday Happy birthday my love .. my angel .. happiness shinee & showal's ... ♥ "Always be happy " @jonghyun.948 @bumkeyk ...
1-The SHINee World (doo-bop) 2- 사랑의 길 (Love's Way) 3- 산소 같은 너 (Love like Oxygen) 4- 너 아니면 안되는 걸 (Romantic) 5- 그녀가 헤어졌다 (One for Me)
Overall Shinee: 6.4. Shinee to us ...
His battle with depression
Hello everyone ~ I am Key , the first to post in 2012 . I am very happy being the first to update. This photo was taken while I was in the ...
K-Pop star Kim Jong-Hyun 'trolled by far-right conservatives' over LGBT rightsThe SHINee lead singer, who died in an apparent suicide earlier today, ...
Got it! #SHINee #SHINeeTrash #Bag #Shawol #GonnaSwag
(180202) @bumkeyk: a precious gift that arrived from korea. hyung, i love you and miss you so much. do everything you want to do. #shinin #beforeourspring
The girl was so shocked that she uploaded a video of her trying to process what just happened, realizing that her idol - her bias is/was Key - actually ...
Love you Jonghyun🌹 #jonghyun #minho #jinki #kibum #taemin #shinee
Name: Shinee
It looks like big brother is monopolizing the game, while the younger brother waits for his turn. (laugh)
My Little Secret (A SHINee Fanfiction)
@bumkeyk @jonghyun.948 @dlstmxkakwldrl @shinee @shinee_jp_official –––
same; and this will NEVER get old jskssjhdkcnxbf; key is me everyday :) • #EXO #SHINee #샤이니 #Onew #Key #Minho #Taemin #Jonghyun #shineeworld ...
TRACKLIST : 1-Y.O.U. (Year Of Us) 2- 링딩동 (Ring Ding Dong) 3- Jo Jo 4- Get Down (ft/ f(x)'s Luna) 5- SHINee Girl 6- 내가 사랑했던 이름 (The Name I Loved)
Jonghyun's heartfelt last video to SHINee fans shows singer 'saying goodbye'The talented K-Pop star brushed his hair out of his face and appeared to say he ...
#Keyday Happy Birthday to this crazy man aka Key🎉My bias in SHINee cuz
It's been about five days and still Jonghyun hasn't said a word to me or Minho. Three days ago there was an argument between Minho and Jonghyun which almost ...
Grown up by age , child at heart .
(180408) @bumkeyk: happy birthday hyung. i love you and miss you.
Key: The gorilla kid?! HA! You won't last!
181101~#Onew like #Key post images Teaser from yesterday 😍❤ .
Ayyyyyyyyyy I'm still crying in the club #onewsaranghae #onew #l4l #
Kim Jong-Hyun shared dark lyrics on last Instagram post before apparent suicideThe lead singer of beloved boyband SHINee has been reported to have died from ...
This Male Korean Celebrity Dressed Up As Marge Simpson For Halloween - CLEO Singapore
Credit: As tagged and Bestiz
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How Jonghyun's family desperately tried to save SHINee star from his depressionThe K-Pop star's sister and friend raised the alarm when he posted the note ...
When you're too much of a garbage can and buy lipgloss cause it's a
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Toheart at the 2014 Hong Kong Dome Festival.
I remember first seeing this and Jonghyun was the one who made me laugh so hard I almost choked jdkslxvbzyw💞 i hope they are all alright..🙏🌟 • # SHINee ...
120128 SHINee The 1st Concert: SHINee WORLD audio album
The singer had penned a song about loneliness in the months before his death
When your trash af and take a photo at the same place Key did a week
181101~#Key like #Onew last post 😍❤ 👏🏻 #OnKey
The pressure on Korean popstars can be relentless
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credit as tag
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... #korean_drama #دراما_كوريه #korean #bangtan #بي_تي_اس #exsol #exo #jungkook #jimin #v #jin #jhope #suga #jin #bts #shinee #minho #sm #smtown #onew #key ...
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