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Ruby and Sapphire Oneshots A few Dirty Pictures I Bet You Can39t
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#wattpad #fanfiction This is a bunch of Ruby and Sapphire Oneshots and possibly two. Read it
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So here, have some more Tiny Red and Blue Moms with baby Steven!
jen-iii: “I'd like to think that they tried to form Garnet often but couldn't quite get it because they needed to work on some of the problems surrounding ...
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Pokemon Oneshots
I'm here, I'm here, I'm here Steven Universe
Steven Universe One-Shots
have a really really quick chibi of May~ can't wait to get the new Pokemon game ; i waaaaant to have the mega evolution.
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•••Ruby and Sapphire Oneshots•••
Jasper's current appearances bears resemblance to Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z, along with her personality of becoming more powerful than they need to be, ...
Pokemon Special/Adventures Fan Club [Archive] - Page 46 - The PokéCommunity Forums
And with that, I saved the game and turned it off
Some fusions can be unstable due to the way their participants' personalities combine. In "Coach Steven", Garnet and Amethyst lose themselves in Sugilite, ...
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Fanfic / Universe Falls
They were all tired and hungry, but they did not lose hope! They had already come so far. Soon, they would be upon the ...
Is it too soon to share this?
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Jasper's Not On Neptune
Her obsession with them was starting to become common knowledge throughout the town, but only Yang knew that it was their mother who'd introduced them to ...
I find it difficult to believe that Pink Diamond would not have replaced our Pearl, assuming she was at some ...
A long while back, sometime right after we first saw them, I wanted to draw Ruby and Sapphire having a romantic kiss, but I just couldn't make it work.
Beware the Silly Ones
15 Pokémon Everyone Forgets Exist (And 15 That Are Too Embarrassing For Words)
AA T ¶ ⒞
A fusion of two Topazes as seen in "Are You My Dad?".
A fusion is marked stable when the fusing gems remain a strong synchronization, while also keeping a strong bond between each other. Some fusions are stable ...
Perfection in one image
What even is this
Pokemon Special/Adventures Fan Club [Archive] - Page 9 - The PokéCommunity Forums
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All There in the Manual: Her body makes it too bright for her gemstone to be seen in canon, but ...
15 Pokémon Everyone Forgets Exist (And 15 That Are Too Embarrassing For Words)
Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy
Lets Play / Chuggaaconroy
Batwoman Rebirth's Second Arc Should Have Been The First - The Fandomentals
Game Breaker / Magic: The Gathering
Video Game / Unlimited Saga
"How does it feel to be alone?...."
With Great Power Comes Great Insanity
Taking the Bullet
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Pictured: someone who can write Kate. Not pictured: that time she got raped by a vampire for eight issues
"Chille Tid"
As you can see, I fill out some of the blank spaces using lines. This is still part of a sketch process but is crucial once you move on to colouring and ...
Omega Effect Lex Luthor ...
Anti-Monitor prepares to take out Lex until he is one-shot by Steve Trevor who has been amped by Grail somehow
Jaun explains that Ruby has a very low intuitive ability and cannot clear his mind to make a logical decision without his fears or emotions controlling ...
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Albarn created the music- a superb collision of musical styles which ram raided the very best chapters of the ...
Apparently it's the newest, stupid craze kids are doing.
If you can commit to read at least a hundred books, well, we'll let you play. The challenge will consist of many levels, each level will ...
The abstracts themselves disagree over whether or not the omniverse died and reformed due to Time Runs Out/Secret Wars
In which someone performs necromancy on your pets.
Sapphire has a short fuse when it comes to her emotions but is able to put them aside to think clearly. Eg. When she first believes that she's been cut out ...
Sam Holt thinks that Pidge and Hunk would make a good couple, but they disagree with him. Sam doesn't know that Pidge thinks of Hunk as a best friend, ...
And this one-shot story is a perfect introduction for those who have yet to give this series a shot.
Mature Content
Card 3 of 7Artwork · Sapphire Dragon
ORAS is basically how Jaun characterised Ruby and Sapphire to act in stressful situations but in a much larger arc than just the end of RS (Mirage Island ...
Blackwing: The Raven's Mark Book One (English Edition) eBook: Ed McDonald: Amazon.fr: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l.
I did this before they announced the six season I swear. This was all a happy coincidence But anyway finally got around to doing some Teen Titan fan art as ...
[+] Resistance
—Kate Evans .
This one is really the reason why I'm posting these. Amazing Lance is Amazing Y/Y~? *A*
Remember that time we had a plot thread about Jacob having a possible son we never knew about? That was weird.
I... can't stay mad at you Lillie. But why don't you just raise a few mons for protection?
BECAUSE YOU DEMANDED IT! Now in her own ongoing series! Bobbi Morse is Mockingbird, S.H.I.E.L.D.'s most versatile, most in-demand ...
Card 5 of 9Artwork · Submarine
She's fucked up, delirious, screaming for someone we are only just now becoming aware of. What do we get in this issue? We get her dad, we get Beth, ...
During the second episode the world opens up with several locations in 'Paper City' to explore. It's a good change to the house ...
Pokemon: Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire Wishlist
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