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Impulse - Bart Allen by *Rickenart on deviantART. Sarah Anton · Superheroes and Vigilantes: DC: Speedsters
Impulse Bart Allen. Sarah Anton · Superheroes and Vigilantes: DC: Speedsters
Bart Allen
Franchise / The Flash
Young Justice Impulse Nightwing Young Justice, Young Justice League, Kid Flash, Beast Boy
He first appeared in Quality's National Comics #5, cover dated November 1940, as Quicksilver. Almost nothing was revealed about that character except that ...
Impulse by dryponder on deviantART. Sarah Anton · Superheroes and Vigilantes: DC: Speedsters
Kid Flash (Bart Allen) The New 52
Speedster (fiction)
This week, CW released photos of actor Grant Gustin in his costume as the Flash, the scarlet speedster superhero soon to star in his own live-action series.
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Bart Allen/Impulse hugging Wally West/Kid Flash Justice League Funny, Young Justice
August Heart (Prime Earth)
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The New Titans #122
Max Mercury was introduced into the DC Universe in National Comics #5, written by Jack Cole and drawn by Chuck Mazoujian. During the Golden Age, ...
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ComiXology has made another change in their Flash/Impulse re-issue schedule. For a while they were releasing three issues of the 1987 series starring Wally ...
Bartholomew Allen (Lego Batman)
DC Comics January 2019 Solicitations
Impulse (Iris West).jpg
DC Comics' solicitations for March 2017.
Impulse (1995) 1
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The Flash Vol 4-1 Cover-1 Teaser
But Robin notices that Access is in trouble, so he gets the group of teen on track. Impulse quickly saves Access, and easily dodges Quicksilver when he ...
... first appeared in Legionnaires #0, created by writers Mark Waid and Tom McCraw, and artist Jeffrey Moy. Jenni, who's the granddaughter of Barry Allen, ...
Gruppbild på samtliga fyra huvudsakliga Flash, samt andra "speedsters": Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, Wally West och dottern Irey (som Impulse), Bart Allen (som ...
The Flash Vol 1 #302 (Lisa Snart and Barry Allen)
Wallace West (DC Comics)
Impulse: Bart Allen, Flash: Berry Allen, and Kidflash: Wally West. Sarah Anton · Superheroes and Vigilantes: DC: Speedsters
We shift down to the Tucson base of the Metal Men, just as they are joined by our new friend, the little robot girl. She "interfaces" with the Metal Men, ...
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... first DC Comics story to involve a hero encountering a parallel Earth. Wonder Woman had discovered the existence of parallel Earths eight years earlier, ...
First appearance in Flash Comics #1 (Jan 1940).
Barry Allen returns to the DC Universe, fleeing from the Black Racer. Art from Final Crisis #2 by J. G. Jones.
Red Robin
Impulse (1995) 32
Impulse #40
This Just Happened: The Flash Takes On Godspeed!
The name, however, remained, and Impulse soon started working with two other teenager superheroes, Robin and Superboy; along with them, he founded Young ...
shitpostThe ...
With another massive Arrowverse crossover in the works, here are 12 DC Comics we'd like to see get adapted.
The Full DC Comics March 2017 Solicitations Gallery!
Teen Titans
Flash Facts: A Quick Retrospective on The Flash by ImpulsiveSpidercide on DeviantArt
DC TV Watch: Cress Williams Breaks Down All Those 'Black Lightning' Deaths
Especially when Wally tried to play it cool ...
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Impulse Bart Allen Young Justice download
Wally West II as Kid Flash in the DC Rebirth era. Art by Jonboy Meyers.
We open in the bedroom of Barry Allen's 12-year old neighbor Barney Sands, who at this time is rifling through his bedroom looking for... something.
If the first few episodes/front half of the season happen in a flashpoint like timeline it makes sense there could be a different take on the character with ...
DC TV's return is just behind the corner, and a last trailer for The Flash confirmed the identity of the evil speedster Barry will find in the new reality ...
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Impulse is drawn like a living cartoon with a larger noggin and softer features while Batman has his standard gritty lines and indulgence in shading.
... and Professor Zoom, made his first appearance in The Flash #139, created by writer John Broome and artist Carmine Infantino. Thawne is Barry Allen's ...
JLA vs. The Titans #2
The Kane family wealth funds all manner of high-tech gadgets, many of which are inspired by Batman's own tools of the trade.
The Flash: The Fastest Man Alive, Vol. 1: Lightning in a Bottle by Danny Bilson
The new Jay Garrick, from the cover of Earth 2 #2.
The Masked Speedster ▫⚜▫ Kid Flash x Reader
Flash-Quartet-by-Jino-kr-small 8709.jpg
While the status of the various Robins in the DC Extended Universe is uncertain, it seems highly unlikely that a comics-accurate version of Batman's younger ...
Did Legends of Tomorrow Just Tease Bart Allen?
Batman #40 – JOELLE JONES
DC Histories: Bart Allen (Impulse / Kid Flash II / Flash IV)