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Destroyed Tank Kosovo t Battle tank
Destroyed T-55 main battle tank in Bosnia-Herzegovina, 1997 Bosnia
Destroyed Tank - Kosovo
(Image: ...
Leopard 1 dozer tank in Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1996
File:A destroyed T-34-85 tank in Karlovac, Croatia.jpg
Kosovo War 1998 - Destroyed Serbian Tanks (Artillery) by Albanian UCK during fights and battles... - YouTube
Kosovo 1999 - Serbian Tanks ambushed & destroyed by Albanian UCK during War
Kosovo, July 2000, Serbian tank destroyed by NATO attacks with depleted uranium grenades -
M36 Tank Destroyer in the Balkans
Norwegian Leopard 2 A4 NO Tank
German Leopard 2 in Kosovo.
Serbian M-84 destroyed in Kosovo, alleged A-10 airstrike, 1999 [815x615] ...
5 Serbian Tanks destroyed by Albanian UCK Soldiers in 1-2 Villages during Kosovo War 1998/1999 - YouTube
It has a turret reminiscent of the T-34-85s, with prominent, undercut shot traps. This example has the fender machine gun boxes replaced with fuel tanks.
Bill Graveland/AP
Could France's Leclerc Tank Destroy America's M1 or Russia's Best Armor in Battle?
Column of T-55 tanks of the Yugoslav People's Army.
Leopard 2 Battle Tank
The battle tank Leopard 2 A7 is presented by German Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW
France's Leclerc Super-Tank: Better than American or Russian Armor?
A destroyed Iraqi T-55 main battle tank, painted with graffiti by Coalition troops
... at the end of the war had only three tanks (2 M-84 tank had the 2nd Corps of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and one M-84 tank 5th Corps).
Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank Amazing Display - Tankfest 2016
A view of an Iraqi T-72 main battle tank destroyed in a Coalition attack during Operation Desert Storm near the Ali Al Salem Air Base.
Destroyed Yugoslav National Army T-72 tank at Vukovar, 1991
Kosovo War - Destroyed Serbian Chetniks Tanks by Albanians (KLA/UCK)
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Challenger 1 Challenger 1 Challenger 1 Challenger 1 ...
Challenger 1
events, Second World War / WWII, Russia 1941, destroyed Soviet tanks, in
Unfortunately in 2008 the first fatality suffered by a Leopard crew occurred when a Danish Leopard 2 hit an IED. The driver was killed.
The U.S. Army's Tank-Destroyers Weren't the Failure History Has Made Them Out to Be
Until recently battle tank “Leopard 2” was surrounded by the myth of its invincibility. Neither during their use in Kosovo, during the fighting in ...
Kosovo, July 2000, Serbian tank destroyed by NATO attacks with depleted uranium grenades -
According to JMR, the designs were produced by the VTI (Vojno-Tehnicki Institut = Military Technical Institute) and VTO (Vazduhoplovno-Opitni Centar = Air ...
War in Kosovo 1998-1999
Yugoslav T-55A tank next to an OSCE vehicle
The U.S. Army's War Over Russia
Russian T-72BV column
Location: Pristina, Kosovo Photographer: Sgt Dave Miles Date: 24 June 1999. A World War 2 M18 Hellcat tank ...
[ IMG]
NATO Would Be Totally Outmatched In A Conventional War With Russia | HuffPost
Two M1A1 Abrams Main Battle Tanks from Bravo Company, 1ST Battalion, 63rd Armor, sit ready to fire on the Falcon 4 range in the town of Ramnjane, Kosovo, ...
Russian tanks of the Yugoslav Army sit abandoned in the eastern Kosovar village of Klina. “
Syrian Lessons on Tank Warfare
M1A2 Abrams Main Battle Tanks are lined up on rail cars
An American M1 Abrams tank destroyed in Baghdad
All you need to know about the Ajax (pictured) which has a top speed
New British Army NIGHT-FIGHTING tank would BLOW UP incoming missiles | UK | News | Express.co.uk
Albanian army deploys T-59 tanks near Kosovo border, May 1999 (Robert Wright
Challenger 2 Tank
Challenger® 2 Main Battle Tank
Radioactive tank ruin (open NATO nuclear waste!
T-90 battle tank
A Yugoslav special forces policeman shoots his rifle at opposing Kosovo Liberation Army forces as a
Three Ariete's taking part in maneuvers. Photo: www.strategic-bureau.com
Challenger Main Battle Tank
Challenger 1 Tank
Military intelligence officers have assessed Putin's new Armata battle tank which was introduced in 2015 ...
Destruction by severing of a Main Battle Tank T-55 at the Barracks “Masline” in Podgorica, Montenegro according to the Dayton Article IV Agreement /Protocol ...
events, Second World War / WWII, France, destroyed French tanks near Abbeville,
(Image: U.S. Army, public domain)
A Challenger 1 tank of The 14th/20th King's Hussars in the desert. 180 Challenger tanks were deployed during the Gulf War and proved their reliability in ...
K2 Black Panther (South Korea)
Video capture of an Emirati Leclerc after being damaged by a mine in Yemen
A Warrior Infantry Fighting Vehicle is shown being put through its paces at a Firepower Demonstration
... the tanks were received). Canadian and Dutch Leopard 2s were both deployed to Afghanistan, where they provided exemplary service as infantry support.
Yugoslav People's Army (JNA) M-84 tanks Military Armor, Battle Tank,
The T-14 Armata seen at the International military-technical forum ARMY-2017 in August 2017 (Photo: Vitaly Kuzmin, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike ...
BA01 was the first of a total of 14 Swedish Bosnia battalions in the 1990s and
In December 2016, Islamic State claimed it destroyed 10 of the Leopard 2 tanks (
Destruction by severing of a Main Battle Tank T-55 at the Barracks “Masline” in Podgorica, Montenegro according to the Dayton Article IV Agreement /Protocol ...